This year 2020 was nothing like we imagined. It surprised us with a virus that changed our lives, made us say goodbye to loved ones, postpone plans, value today and show empathy with those who suffer. 
I consider myself lucky to have my loved ones with me to this day, and to have what is necessary to live, but I am aware that in my country El Salvador, there is a great need, the most affected and hit population are people with limited resources. , families who have been left without income . 
Many children are directly affected, they lack the food and supplies necessary for their development. That is why I decided to join the "Childhood with a future" initiative to help bring help to children in need in our country.
Stay Positive, Stay Safe, Love Always....
New collection. In order to raise funds and bring that help, I created the "Stay Positive, Stay Safe, Love Always" collection, where my goal is that we stay positive and safe in the face of the threat of the virus and always show empathy and love to our neighbor.

Products. T-shirts, Dress, Necklace and Gel Alcohol set.

how you help. A sign of love for our neighbor is being part of this collection, where by wearing: a t-shirt, dress, necklace or gel alcohol set, you will be collaborating for the development of children in El Salvador.
Help our children in El Salvador

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